Do I Need A New AC Unit?

There will come a time when you need to have repairs and improvements done on your house. These can be simple repairs that can be done in a few hours after a trip to your local hardware store. In other cases, you will need to hire a company to come out like Superstition Cooling to look at more complex repairs.

Do you need a new AC unit?

One of the more expensive items to have repaired or replaced in your home is an AC unit. These units can run you several thousands of dollars and need a professional to install. Here are a few tips to see if you can simply get away with a patch job or you need a full unit.

How cold is the air blowing? – The first indicator is to see how cold the air is blowing. If you are not getting cold air coming from the vents it could be a sign that it needs to be charged, there is a block in the line or you need a complete unit. You will need to have a company come out and take a look.

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Do you hear noises or have a weird smell? –

If you hear a weird humming noise it could be an issue with the fan or the motor is about to go out. A smell like burning rubber means there is a possible short in your system, which requires a professional to come out, diagnose and repair.

How long has it been running? – Some AC units can have issues right away, but like a car they will need to be run for awhile before they start have issues. If you notice your unit is having issues after it runs for several hours, then you are more than likely looking at a new unit.

Is the coolant full? – You may want to check the coolant levels and make sure you don’t have a leak somewhere. If the coolant levels are not full enough, you will need to have them recharged which will cost several hundred dollars